Bike Rush’s Christmas 1vs1

a big thank you to my twitch Subscribers who help with the money side of things to help me host such things <3 gotta give back to the babes smile.gif

big thank you to incapaisa: for the $100 donation prize pool goes too $200
(Sign up below )

(If you want to stream or record via video this tournament please contact me first. if you do so without contacting me you will be banned from all events i host ) reason behind this is (lag) i will need to be sure you dont! all streams most have a delay of 2-3 mins!

If you would like to help in anyway With the tournament please contact me via Pm do not put shit below!

our last christmas tournament was =

what was a great succes so here we are (2017) let’s do it all again!

Tournament = Bike Rush’s Christmas 1vs1 Tournament

Date & Time = 17th DEC 2017 13.00GMT ( Time is subject to change
Category = 1v1 double elimination BO3, Grand Final + Third Place BO5
Location = russian lobby
Players = 32 (64 expansion available, minimum 57 signups*)
Prize Pool = $200(First = $100, Second = $50, Third = $30 Fourth = $20 ( subject to change ) will not go lower then $100
Ranking + Registration = First come, first served
Version = 1.02+ R12
streams list!

giveaways during the stream! raffle style

Games list below

Dawn of war 3

Quantum Break

The Long Dark


Borderlands 2 Game of the Year

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2

ARMA: Gold Edition

Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition

How to Survive

Arena Wars 2


Natural Selection 2 X3

Just Cause 2

More games to be added before starting!

Rules you know them all by now! Just Don’t be a dick!

vanilla factions only


(Map pool )

Atacama Road ( Semifinals ) Starting map
Battlebase Beaverton
Extraction Plateau (Finals) starting map
Golden Hour
Het Platteland ( Round 3 ) Starting map!
Pipeline Problems
Sick City (Round) 2 starting map!
Small Town USA
Tiberium Rift
Tournament Arena
Tournament Crater ( Round 1 ) Starting map!
Tournament Decision
Tournament Dustbowl
Tournament Galaxy
Tournament Highlands
Tournament Odyssey
Tournament Rift
Tournament Tower


will be posted 2 hours before it starts

sign ups