Calling all Kane’s Wrath Experts

We are calling all experts back to Kane’s Wrath to prepare for the largest Kane’s Wrath event since LS3 and the KWWC. With a prize pool of $2000 USD which is going to keep increasing, every player will need to start practising if they want a chance at winning this event.

If you are interested in donating to this tournament please send a message to Phantom9399. The goal for the event is to get a prize pool of $5000 USD.

Visit the Kane’s Wrath Portal (
Download the lates 1.02+ Mappack

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Good news for all members , buddies and partners of Team eSkilL, the team will be reactivated . The beginning of this is done with the re-commissioning of the site .

The recruitment of new potential members is not our initial interest, the team will build on the existing active members only. Nevertheless, if you are interested in joining, you can contact us under ‚manifest‘. Possibly what will follow in our team in the near future are new games. For this, we will vote internally as to which games we proceed further with. Any news about the team you will see on this page .

This page is currently only for informative purposes – Organizational issues are discussed internally. Should you have comments or suggestions, please use the comment function.

Cheers, Blood

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